Italy- 1964


Our Lady of San Damiano -The Celestial Mom

Rosa Quattrini (the visionary) and her family before the apparitions

Frederico Buzzini, workman in a trade of farm equipment, married Giacomina Peveri, of which he had seven children. Two sons and a girl died in low-age. Four girls became adult; in order of birth: Pierina, Anna, Rosa and Giuseppina.

With his wife and children, Frederico remained in Sentimento di Rottofreno, province of Piacenza, in the dwelling of his father Paolo Buzzini. The same year of the Rosa's birth, in 1909, Frederico was amputated of a leg. He died two years later from a pneumonia.


House at Sentimento di Rottofreno

Frederico's widow will later tell her daughters the circumstances in which he devoted them to the Lord. Here is, on this subject, the testimony of Mamma Rosa:

" At the time of dad's burial, when he was brought to the cemetery, mom took along with her all children. The youngest, my small sister, was six months old and the elder eight years. On the way back from the cemetery, mom went to the church. In front of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, she said: " Jesus, now I have no more husband. It is you whom I want for husband. And I devote you my daughters, so that they are all your wives."

She called the priest, made them be blessed: " May your will be done, Jesus, not mine. I give you my daughters and myself for always." Rosa's mother continued to live with her four daughters near her father-in-law. She While her sisters were studying, Rosa preferred to keep the sheep or to make herself useful to the work of the farm. She only attended school during three or four winters. The instruction, which she received, was thus rudimentary. If she lacked intellectual formation, Rosa had a sharp spirit and a good memory. She saw the things of the world only through the truths of the faith which she understood by instinct, but that she had no possibility to express before the Blessed Virgin intervened in her life.


Mamma Rosa

Like her sisters, Rosa learned to pray as a child.

" Mom, made us recite the rosary every day. We always had our Rosary with us. We recited prayers during the day, where we were, in particular the rosary of the angels of the seven wounds of Jesus. And the evening, back to the house, each one of us wrote on a small notebook which mom had prepared what she had recited that day."

The three sisters of Rosa entered to a convent. Rosa choosed another way. October 7, 1937, as she was 28 years old, she married a young workman of the brickyard of Ponte dell' Olio, Giuseppe Quattrini. She took her mother with her and went to live in Villo di Vigolzone. Giuseppe and Rosa had three children: Giacomina in 1938, Paolo in 1943 and Pier-Giorgio in 1952. Each birth required a Caesarean. At the time of the third pregnancy, the doctor strongly advised a therapeutic abortion. Rosa refused categorically, affirming:

" This child, it is God who gave it to me! "

This third childbirth took place under particularly difficult conditions and the health of Rosa worsened gradually. Consequently, Rosa made journeys there and back from her residence to the hospital and hospital to her residence. In 1961, science condemned her. She had come-back from hospital ten days earlier to die at home when the 29th of September, on the feast of saint Michel archangel, a mysterious lady visited her.

The cure of Rosa Quattrini

Little before midday, the 29th September, 1961, an unknown young woman knocked on the gate. Aunt Adèle went to open. The woman, very beautiful, was wearing the costume of the country-women of the area. She had on the head a blue sky scarf. The visitor came to collect money for works of Padre Pio, the famous stigmatized capuchin of San Giovanni Rotondo, in the province of Foggia, bottom south of Italy.


Aunt Adèle answered her that the family of her niece had only a thousand liras, which besides had been borrowed. The visitor got informed about the family's condition, then asked to see Rosa who was confined to bed:
Courage, what's the matter ?
I am riped open, I was brought back from hospital , because there was no more hope
Do you rely on Padre Pio?
Yes, I trust him. I have already prayed him since a certain time, but I am not cured yet.
If you rely on Padre Pio, he will make you cure.

At this time there, midday striked. The lady said to her :
Let us recite the Angélus!
Then turning to Rosa, she added: -
Let us go, rise up!
Madam, I cannot rise, I have too strong pains.
(Aunt Adèle specifies that that morning, Rosa had been particularly bad).
Give me the hand! Rise! -
I cannot..
Give me the other hand too!
Then Rosa rose and together they recited Angélus. After Angélus, the lady added:
Now, let us say five Pater, Ave and Gloria for Padre Pio, in honour of the five wounds of Our-Lord.
During this time, the lady touched with her hand the wounds of Rosa which were instantaneously closed .

Then the lady said to Rosa:
You will go to see Padre Pio.
But I have neither money, nor clothing,
Rosa objected.
You will have what is necessary.. the lady said.

" I saw all that this lady had done for Rosa and I then gave her 500 liras. She took them and thanked me much. She greeted me, then she came out. When she was on the step of the gate, she still said to me: - Your patient has great confidence in Padre Pio, but you haven't. If Padre Pio cures my niece, I will also rely on him" Aunt Adèle answered.

Then she was gone and Aunt turned over towards Rosa and said to her: We gave 500 liras to this lady and we did not even ask her who she was ! Rosa retorted: Aunt, do not think any more to these 500 liras. If Padre Pio cured me, I will gain these 500 liras.


Mamma Rosa's House

Aunt Adèle turned back to her room where a small statuette of the Madonna was, to which she addressed the following words: Dear Madone, make sure these 500 liras arrive in Padre Pio's hands. Then she heard a very strong voice (undoubtedly that of Padre Pio):
" Have confidence, your patient will be cured "

After having carried out some work in the house, aunt Adèle went back to the kitchen and saw Rosa, close to the sink, who washed the crockery.-

But what are you doing here, Rosa? It is me who washes the dishes, not you!

Rosa then threw her arms around her aunty's neck and says to her while embracing her:-
But, aunt, I am cured.- You want to cure in no time? You will cure, yes, but...- Yes, yes, I am cured, aunt, I do not have anything anymore.

I did not suspect that it was the Madonna who had come. During this time, Giuseppe had gone to gather sweet chestnuts to ensure his family the means of appeasing their hunger, because she was to enter the hospital the following day to be operated of a hernia. When he returned, which was not his surprise to note that his wife was really cured.

With Padre Pio

A few months later, Rosa went with a diocesan pilgrimage placed under the spiritual control of her priest, Don Edgardo Pellacani, in San Giovanni Rotondo.


San Giovanni Rotondo

Saturday's morning, while she recited the rosary in the square of the church of San Giovanni Rotondo, she suddenly heard someone call her:
" Rosa, Rosa! "
she turned back and saw with which surprise the lady with the blue sky scarf.
You recognize me?
Yes, answers Rosa, you are the Madonna who cured to me.
I am the Mother of Consolation, the Mother of the afflicted.Say this inSan Damiano, and to the professor who did not want to believe in your recovery. After the mass, we will be close to the holy table and I will accompany you at Padre Pio.

Thus was made. As soon as they were beside Padre Pio, the Virgin disappeared without leaving a trace. Without being moved by such an intervention and such a departure, Padre Pio received Mamma Rosa and enjoined to go to assist the sick, especially spiritually, during two years.One can imagine the perplexity of the poor country-woman when returned to San Damiano.

At once, however, she went to assist one of her uncles at the hospital. After the recovery of this uncle, she met, at the exit of the hospital, a monk who asked her:
- Are you going to sick patients?
- Yes, she answered.
- Then, come with me. I will accompany you with the old people's home E.
He accompanied her to the old people's home, then disappeared, and Rosa never saw this monk again. Arrived in the waiting room, Rosa declared to the Sisters:
- A monk accompanied me up to here and he told me that there was a patient to assist.
- Yes, it is true. It was a 90 years old former officer, that Rosa assisted spiritually and prepared to death.

She then went then in various places during two years.

Rosa herself relates this period:
"During the years I assisted the patients, I went very often to see Padre Pio, taking along patients. When my aunt contracted a pneumonia, I went back there. We left on September 22 and remained there until the 26. I confessed myself to the Father. He said to me not to leave our house any more, to pray in front of the small vault of sain Michael, so that he illuminates me, guides me, assists me and defends me, because a great event will occur to me"

He told me,
Prepares yourself, by prayer and sacrifice... saint Michael and our celestial Mom will always be always be close for you, and me too.


St. Padre Pio

Mamma Rosa herself went in all twelve times in San Giovanni by the living famous capuchin. Testimonies of priests or monks, spiritual sons of Padre Pio, are numerous to confirm the very positive thought of Padre about the events of San Damiano.

Speaking about her instrument, the miraculous Madonna of the Roses will say on November 8, 1968:

" Ignorant, yes, but all love! Ignorant, yes, but all faith! All for Jesus and for me! "

The First Apparirion

The 16 October 16, 1964, a Friday, Rosa was alone at the house at the hours of midday. All were missing, including aunt Adèle who had gone to Mamma Rosa's daughter's, married to a farmer of the hamlet close to Centoverra. A few minutes before the Angélus of midday sounded, a neighbor, which had discussed with Rosa, had left her to go to take lunch in her farm.

Midday rang with the bell-tower of the village and Rosa started to recite Angélus. She heard a voice calling her outside:
" Come, come! "
not knowing who it was, Rosa wanted first to finish her prayer. The voice spoke a second time:
"Come,come here, i 'm waiting for you! "
This call came from the close garden.


The Apparition

Fearing a trick from the devil, Rosa took her rosary in her hand and left. She was however partly reassured, because the voice was so beautiful, so soft. Arrived in the middle of the yard, Rosa saw a cloud going down from the sky and seting on the plum tree. This cloud was bright of light and studded with golden and silvery stars. Inside it an incalculable number of petals of roses of all colors flew.

I did not yet see anybody, said Rosa, but I felt a great joy in the heart. I sat down on a seat and started to pray. One moment after came out of the cloud a large red sphere which settled over the pear tree. Then the cloud disappeared, while the Madonna surrounded by a bright light remained visible. from her hands came out large luminous rays full with petals of roses which fell to the ground. The Madonna was wearing a blue dress tied at her waist by a white belt, and a large white coat. On her head she wore a crown of star of which an intense light spouted out. When I saw such a splendour, I called upon the celestial Mom like this:

" I am not worthy that you come close to me, but say only one word and I will listen to you."
The face of the Virgin was so sad that I started to cry, then to ask her for forgiveness for me, my close relations, and the whole world. She looked at me, fixed me, but still did not say anything. I started to recite the rosary. She then started to smile to me and to speak to me:

" My daughter, I'm coming from a far. Announce to the world that all must pray, because Jesus cannot carry the cross any more. I want all to be saved, the goods and the malicious ones. I am the Mother of love, the Mother of all, you are all my children. This is why I want all to be saved. It is for that that I came, to bring the world to the prayer because the punishments are close. I will return each Friday, and I will give you messages. And you must make them known in the world."

Then I said to her:
"But how will I be believed ? I am only a poor ignorant country-woman. I was not believed when I was cured. One will throw me in prison!"

She answered me:
"Do not fear, because I will now leave you a sign. This tree will flower."

The Virgin Mary left and, at the same moment, the pear tree was covered with flowers, at such point that one could almost not see the leaves any more. It still bore its fruits, harvest being done tardily for this variety.

A branch of the plum tree, that the Virgin had touched, flowered the following day. The news of this events very quickly spread by word of mouth, then was propagated by the local press ( Libertà, Piacenza Oggi ) which immediatly dedicated several articles to them. Thousands and thousands of people flocked. On the advice of the priest of the village, the two trees were protected by a lattice.

In spite of the autumnal rains, the flowers remained three weeks on the two trees and thousands of people saw them, as the daily newspaper of Piacenza attests it.

The running water well

In 1965, Rosa Quattrini made known, by several messages, the promise of the Virgin to make emerge a source of running water, carrying spiritual and corporal graces:

The Madonna says that here a great source of graces will come out, of pure water which will purify your souls and bodies (6-8-1965). The Madonna says:
My sons, come, come here; a great source of graces will come out. A source of running water, pure, which will purify and bodies (13-8-1965).

October 21. 1966, Rosa hears the Virgin say to her, during an apparition:
My daughter, I assure you that here there is water. A fontain of water of salvation for numerous souls must here emerge, to purify their souls and bodies (21-10-1966).

The clairvoyant announce that a well should be dug, in the enclosure, close to the pear tree, at the very place where the archangel saint Michael was going to plant his sword in the center of a circle. The first excavations began.

Friday October 29, after the apparition, Rosa indicates that the Virgin presented herself, accompanied by saint Michael, saint Gabriel and saint Raphael. She was very beautiful, wearing a coat all in gold. She held, in her hand, a rosary of white roses, which ended in a cross having two red roses.


The Fountain

The white roes are the graces, said Rosa, and the cross, the suffering.
The rosary in hand, the Madonna made a circle above the well in construction, while turning above all the pilgrims. Then she is descended inside:
Water, she said, will be very limpid, very fresh and miraculous.

Friday November 16, 1966, the words of the message insisted lengthily on the virtues from the water which will emerge: The Madonna of the Roses ensures that the water is miraculous, in this place. Still dig.

Come to drink to this well the water of the grace.Wash yourselves.Purify yourselves. Drink and rely on this water. Many are those which will cure of physical evil. Many will be sanctified. Carry this water to the serious patients, in the hospitals. To the dying. Go everywhere where you see the souls groanind. Be strong. Do not fear. I am with you. It came, the hour when the well will give light. Here is the confirmation. Come to take water, and bring it in your houses. You will obtain infinite graces. I love you. Love me (18-11 -- 1966).

After the apparition, Rosa Quattrini calls upon a pilgrim, the doctor-engineer Antonio Pelagatti, and invites him to take care of the work.

The well was inexhaustible, in spite of the continual and superabundant amount of water taken away, in particular at the time of the large gatherings of prayer.



November 26, 1971, although it was not a feastday, the water flow started well before dawn and finished only the evening without any interruption. According to calculations', were distributed, that day, more than fifty thousand liters.

The Blessed handkerchiefs

1. Messages

11-11-1968: Listen to me, my sons, listen to me! Goodbye, see you on December the 8 th! Bring many small totally white handkerchiefs. Put them in a small bag out of nylon, and put them all in my small garden. These handkerchiefs, you will give them to many sick souls. They will wipe their tears with them. I will give this handkerchief a great gift. Those who will wipe their eyes with them will have the light of the Sky, will understand who that Jesus calls them, will understand that they have to prepare for penitence and for forgiveness to arrive to the Sky, happy and content. It is the great gift which I make you, my sons, a great gift that that Our Heavenly Father gave me to save my children. Say it to everyone. That all can come running, that all can come to love; that all can come to receive the graces for this life and to go up there.

7-12-1968: Saint Michael announces that tomorrow morning, or this evening, it is necessary to prepare all the handkerchiefs around the enclosure, along the alley in the field. Tomorrow the celestial Mom will make the procession with all the celestial Court. Prepare the innocent children, that they be dressed in white. Along the path, the celestial Mom will bless them. It is Jesus who will bless all the handkerchiefs. The celestial Mom will cover them all with her coat, because she will have a long, long coat, which will pass on all the white handkerchiefs. Remain united in prayer, silence, and preparation. That all the cars, tomorrow, be in the field close to the enclosure. That all the buses be in the field towards the large house. The celestial Mom will bless them all, with Jesus. That every one be in its car, or bus. The driver, in the car, will hold in hand a white handkerchief. He will make it float, as a sign of triumph. That one recites three Ave Maria when the celestial Mom passes on the path. You, during this procession, recite a Pater, Ave, Gloria. My instrument will kneel as a sign of penitence, of repair that one makes me, to me and my Son Jesus. That it be only one a meeting of love, prayer and songs, and you will have so many graces, so much of comfort in your heart, your families and the nations. Listen to the celestial Mom, listen to her. Do what I announce to you in the name of the celestial Mom. That those which can remain kneeling, with great devotion and prayer.

10-12-1968: My children, the handkerchiefs! It is a great gift which I made you, so great, so great.

2. Words of Rosa Quattrini:

The handkerchiefs must always be kept on oneself. If one is in agitation, if there are hard tests, if one cries, if one is in confusion, then one's covers the face with the handkerchief, and that one makes the sign of cross. Just as at time of cyclones, of plagues, that one passes it over the face to have the light of the Faith And also for the conversion of the sinners, when they wil put the handkerchief of the Faith, that they are sick or not (December 1968). Rosa Quattrini as specified that the handkerchiefs can be small, by need or convenience. They can be washed. But one should not cut them, nor iron them. Currently the handkerchiefs are blessed all first Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays of the month, and every day of the madonna's feasts.It is enough to have them with on the site of the apparitions, at the moment when the Holy Virgin comes, i.e. between midday and half past noon.

It will be noticed that the first blessings of handkerchiefs were given, dependent on a deeply religious context:
- interior preparation to welcome this grace;
- Spirit of repair, penitence, personal prayer;
- Community meeting of love, prayer and songs.

The promised graces are:
- the light of the Sky;
- the light of the Faith;
- triple comprehension:

- Jesus calls
- It is necessary to prepare to penitence
- It is necessary to ask for forgiveness to arrive to the Sky, in blissfulness.


Since 1965, Rosa Quattrini announces that the Virgin wants here a sanctuary and a whole of charitables institutions. The Garden of Paradise is the beginning of a very wide City where very many foundations for physical and spiritual mercy will be established: the City of the Roses.

Here are the essential texts referring to these basic works:

The sanctuary
1965 25-6 " Will emerge here a large sanctuary ".
6-8 " I want this saint sanctuary, so large, so glorious for me. I want to triumph over this earth".
15-8 " I want a sanctuary, very, very large, said the celestial Mom, so that all can come there, from all the parts of the world, to request graces. I am very close to you here, I await you at any moment ".
2-12 " Remenber my sons, that I want the sanctuary, large, large, large with 15 altars ".
1967 6-1 " I want a large sanctuary: it will be the meeting of peace, of harmony between all and the safety of the whole world ".
10-3 " Will come a day when you will see such light, so much consolation and so much joy, in this sanctuary which I announced and which you will make ".
1968 the 25-3 " largest sanctuary of the world ".

Rosa Quattrini has, several times, given precise details on the future sanctuary. August 13, 1965, she sees it, in vision, carried by the angels: she indicates that it will rise on the ground close to the pear tree. May 9, 1966, she describes the apse of glass, which will enable to see the tree of the apparitions. The basilica will rise in the middle of the trees and flowers.

The fifteen altars will honour the fifteen mysteries of the Rosary. On the gate will be engraved a M, formed of roses. The sanctuary will be entrusted to the franciscains capuchins. They will have to always expose the Blessed Sacrament, night and day.

Rosa Quattrini explained once again, the wills of the Virgin. Beside the sanctuary there will be the capuchin's convent , with a seminar. And, not far, other foundations: houses for the old priests, the orphan or abandoned children, the old people, foundations for handicapped and incurable, a hospital, a research center, as well as an oecumenical maryal center. Centers of spiritual retreat, schools and also, later on, said Rosa Quattrini, a university.

The Virgin wants that this unit sets up with simplicity, in a framework of beauty, in the middle of gardens, flowers and trees, and fountains .In the same way that Rosa Quattrini affirmed to her priest, before 1964, that crowd would come one day, in San Damiano, from the whole world, and that the deserted church would be, one day, overflowing of faithful ones, the same way she affirmed, until far death, that the City of the Roses, tiny spot at first wil grows, one day, and would become a true City, " larger than Rome ", she says. A City where the sinner would like to live for the glory of God. A city where all the activities of the human labour would be present, but founded in God, inspired by God, and turning back the souls towards God. City which would become a lighthouse for the whole world.

Rosa Quattrini lived so that borns the City of the Roses. Many of the messages which she transmitted, in the name of the Virgin, concerned this City.


Statue of Christ

The testimony of the priest of the village of the time of Mamma Rosa

Since of my arrival in San Damiano, in 1959, I knew Mamma Rosa as a sick person. I regularly went to confess her and give here the communion. From here sudden cure the 29th of September, 1961, her physical state completely changed and she could work normally.

The 16th of October, 1964

That day, coming from Piacenza, I arrived at home towards 1.30 pm. Less than one hour afterwards, somebody prevented me that Mamma Rosa wished to speak to me and that I had to visit herwithout fault. I thus went there and she showed me the pear tree in flower and made known to me the very short words of the first message.


Fr. Don Edgardo Pellacani - The Parish Priest

These events, which precipitated, left me perplexed... The pear tree was indeed flowered. Mamma Rosa is a brave person who cannot lie. In a similar case, it is necessary to continue to observe and wait to see really clearly by asking the light by the prayer.

The opinion of Padre Pio

Six months after the first appearance of October 16, 1964, I went once again with Mamma Rosa to Padre Pio. I wished that she be confessed and that she asks him his opinion about the appearances. I had prepared Mamma Rosa to accept and take the advices, whatever they be, that Padre Pio would give her. The waiting list was long and the penitent ones were often to be patient nearly one week to be able to confess themselves to Padre. I was thus going to give up remaining in San Giovanni when, what a surprise, I was told that Mamma Rosa could be confessed to Padre Pio the day after our arrival. Placed in the church, opposite the confessional, I saw Mamma Rosa entering there and, one moment after, the hand of Padre Pio give her the absolution. Thereafter, Mamma Rosa said to me that Padre Pio had assure her the celestial origin of the appearances and had asked her to pray much, to make penitence and to be infinitely patient. For me, Padre Pio was a saint and I knew that he could scan the depth of the mind. If Mamma Rosa had been a pretender, Padre Pio would have at the very least refused to give her the absolution and would have even been able to make her a public reproach, because the case of San Damiano was already known in Italy and in particular in San Giovanni Rotondo.

Thereafter I spoke several times to Padre Pio of Mamma Rosa and of the appearances of San Damiano and Padre Pio gave me an objective confirmation of the truth of these appearances.

Undoubtedly, the opinion of Padre Pio was positive with regard to the appearances of San Damiano.

Spiritual fruits

The spiritual fruits were felt gradually and desperate people found in San Damiano a comfort to their sorrow. Those who contributed to make known San Damiano in the whole world are precisely those who profited from distinguishing signs (solar phenomena, visions) or from spiritual or body graces. What carries to believe in the appearances, it is that those who give a report of signs or received graces found their conversion here or at least a new ardour in their religious practice and the achievement of their social duty. How many also felt the need for the daily prayer or the call to the religious life and priesthood! The change of life, even conversion for some, makes their testimony worthy of faith.


The T.S. Vierge was proclaimed Mother of the Church by the pope Paul VI. In San Damiano, she answered this mission with a particular attention, instituting even a dialogue, through her instrument, to the people who came to entrust her with their worries. In the oratory of Mamma Rosa, it was really the Mom of the sky who spoke with each one of her children of the earth. This is particular to San Damiano.

Mamma Rosa did not have any profane or religious culture. For me who knew her well, it is obvious that she was not able to invent appearances and even less to conceive messages.

The Virgin Mary assists her children in danger. She points out the law of God, the reason of the Incarnation and the Redemption, the existence of the sky and the hell, the role of the angels and the destroying work of the daemon, the need for the prayer and penitence, the recourse to the sacraments, the role of the Church and the goal of the terrestrial life which must lead us one day to the sky. Isn't this the essential thing?

- Don Edgardo Pellacani