Italy - 1890




Our Lord's words in regards to His Passion (Lent)
Typed up by SUE BURTON.

( Became H.H. Pope Pius XII ) April 1938

"I have no doubt whatever that the publication of these pages, filled as they are with great love which His Grace inspired in His very humble servant, Maria Josefa Menendez, will be agreeable to His Sacred Heart.
"May they efficaciously contribute to develop in many souls a confidence ever more complete and loving in the infinite mercy of this Divine Heart towards poor sinners as we all are.
"These are good wishes which, with my blessing, I send you and all the Society of The Sacred Heart."

- E. Card. Pacelli


We are going to speak of My Passion, that your soul may constantly feed on the remembrance of it, and that My souls may find in it food for their hunger and drink for their thirst.

And now, Josefa, I will begin by disclosing to you the thoughts that filled My Heart, while I was washing the feet of My disciples.

Mark how the whole twelve were gathered together, none excepted: John the beloved was there, and Judas who was so soon to deliver Me to My enemies. I will tell you why I willed to have them all assembled together and why I began by washing their feet.

I gathered them altogether because the moment had come for My Church to be manifested to the world, and for all the sheep to have but one shepherd.

It was My intention also, to show souls that I never refuse grace even to those who are guilty of grave sin; nor do I seperate them from the good whom I Love with predilection. I keep them all in My Heart, that all may receive the help required by their state of soul....

But how great was my sorrow to see in the person of My unhappy disciple Judas the throng of those who, though often gathered at My feet and washed in My Blood, would hasten to their eternal perdition.

I would have these to understand that it is not the fact of being in sin that ought to keep them from Me. They must never think that there is no remedy for them, nor that they have forfeited for ever the love that once was their's....

No, poor souls, the God who has shed all His Blood for you has no such feelings for you!

Come all of you to Me and fear not, for I Love you all... I will wash you in My Blood and you shall be made whiter than snow. All of your offences will be submerged in the waters in which I myself shall wash you, nor shall anything whatsoever be able to tear from My Heart its Love for you.

Josefa, let your soul be seized today by an ardent desire to see all souls, especially sinners, come and purify themselves in the waters of repentance. Let them give themselves up to thoughts of confidence, not fear, for I am a God of pity, ever ready to receive them into My Heart.

25th February 1923

"Kiss the ground and write, for we are going on with Love's Secrets. I will tell you My reasons for washing the feet of My apostles before the last supper.

In the first place I would teach souls how pure they must be to receive Me in Holy Communion. I also wished to remind those who would have the misfortune to sin that they can always recover their innocense through the Sacrament of Penance.

And I washed the feet of My apostles with My own hands, so that those who have consecrated themselves to apostolic work may follow My example, and treat sinners with humility and gentleness, as also all others that are entrusted to their care.

I girded Myself with a white linen cloth to remind them that apostles need to be girded with abnegation and mortification, if they hope to exert any real influence on souls.

I wished also to teach them that mutual charity, which is ever ready to excuse the faults of others, to conceal them and extenuate them,and never to reveal them.

Lastly, the water poured on the feet of My apostles denotes the zeal burned in My Heart for the salvation of the world. The hour of Redemption was at hand. My Heart could no longer restrain its love for mankind nor bear the thought of leaving them orphans.

So to prove My tender love for them and till time has ceased to be, I resolved to become their food, their support, their life their all. Could I but make known to all souls the loving sentiments with which My Heart overflowed at My Last Supper, when I instituted the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist....

My glance ranged across the ages, and I saw the multitudes who would receive My Body and Blood, and all the good it would effect.. how many hearts I saw that from its contact would bind forth virginity! and how many others that It would awaken to deeds of charity and zeal!

How many martyrs of love did I see. How many souls who had been enfeebled by sin and violence of passion would come back to their allegiance and recover their spiritual energy by partaking of this Bread of the strong!

Who can describe the overwhelming emotions that filled My souls? Joy, love, tenderness...but alas, bitter sorrow also... Later I shall continue, Josefa. Go now in My Peace.

Feast Day: December 29 | 1890-1923
Novena Prayer through Sr. Josefa Menendez

O Jesus, full of Grace and Charity, Victim for sinners, So impelled by Love for us that You willed to die on the Cross, I humbly beseech You to glorify in heaven and on earth The Servant of God and Victim Soul, Sr. Josefa Menendez, Who faithfully participated in Your Passion And shared Your Sufferings, to prepare the way for The Devotion to the Divine Mercy, For the salvation of souls, And for the Glory of Your Heavenly Father. With confidence I beg You to grant me,Through her intercession, the Grace of: ______________.

One decade of the Rosary, or one decade of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy & "Glory be to the Father... (three times)"

Birth: 1890 | Death: 1923 Feast day December 29 .